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Crucial tips for patients of testosterone replacement therapy

The first recommendation may be obvious, but it never hurts. Remember that hormonal treatments are not child’s play. Self-medicating should never be an option. If you wish, you can find more information on why it is not advisable to perform any treatment without medical supervision on testosterone replacement therapy. Patients on testosterone replacement therapy are no exception in this regard.

Comply with the medical prescription of hormone replacement

Keep in mind that the specialist doctor is the only one who knows your particular case from a global point of view. That is why you should always respect the pattern (frequency and dose) that they recommend. Of course, you are free to explain to the specialist how you feel. If you think the dose is high or low, if you do not find everything you expected, etc.

In this way, the doctor can make the precise tests and adjust the medication and / or supplements of your treatment to better suit your needs.

Maintain a balanced diet and personalized

It is essential that patients on testosterone replacement therapy acquire a series of healthy habits to ensure a full sexual life and optimal vitality. There may be cases in which the patient requires professional support to carry out a review of their eating habits. Therefore, if you are following a Testosterone Replacement Treatment, your specialist may recommend you visit a nutritionist to help you set and achieve your goals.

Perform exercise routinely for general physical well-being. This way you will take full advantage of the benefits of hormone replacement therapy.

Did you know that practicing sports is a natural way to increase testosterone levels?

If while you are undergoing a testosterone treatment, you play sports, you will be helping your body to generate its own testosterone while accepting the exogenous one. If necessary, it may also be convenient to perform personalized exercise routines. Ideally, they should be specific to you. So you can adapt them to your goals.

In addition to recovering their vitality, sexual potency and mood, go to the Testosterone Replacement Therapy looking to improve their physical shape. For this, it is often a great help to perform specific exercise routines.

Maintain a good sleep routine

One of the symptoms of low level of testosterone is irregular sleep or lack of it. In general, the correction of the hormone levels implied by this therapy implies a quantitative improvement in the patients’ sleep quality.  However, it does not hurt to take an active part in this improvement by providing the body with stable sleep routines on which to lean.

If necessary, and if the doctor indicates, donate blood to maintain the hematocrit values ​​at normal levels.In addition to the regulation of hematocrit, donating blood has other very important benefits for TRT patients.

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